Assalamu Alaikum, Just wanted to share my poem with you all. A bit silly really but maybe something to think about? Anyway, have a read………

Ilm, Knowledge

Is gained by the privileged
Chosen by Allah.

How Blessed they are!

There’s Hafiz, Aalim, Mufti and more.

Have ‘em all together and oh how much you will adore

The power and the blessings and the Rahma’s and the peace

Allah will have granted, bestowed on you.

Oh the Chosen ones are very few.

But none of the knowledge is new.

It’s just been passed down generations from the

Best man on earth.

Some of you just like to surf

On the net and waste your time

But oh how fine

It is to gain Ilm

Rather than going out to watch a film

In the cinema

Where the Shaytans are

Whilst in the Masjid there are angels present

And the mercy of Allah is ever-lasting,

Being showered on the ones who seek knowledge.

Oh how privileged

They are!

Praying Salah

Giving Zakah

Is better and last more than that shiny new car.

It’ll come in the grave

And from the snakes you’ll be saved.

It’s the deeds that’ll help you

However few

They are.

So choose now between good and bad

And I hope you’re not mad

Enough to take the wrong path

Instead of taking a bath

To wash off all your sins,

Fighting away the bad Jinns.

Choose now before you’re too late.

Never follow your best mate

‘Cause he may be taking you to the wrong path

If he’s dealing with drugs

And going out with gals.

So just stick with your bearded pals.

Go to the Masjid 5 times a day

‘Cause if you’re disobedient to Allah then oh

Can you imagine how much you’re going to have to pay?

Burning in the fire,

Drinking your own puss.

Oh why do you want to go through a frightful fuss?

When it’s Allah you should trust.

Turn to the gates of mercy

Allah loves you (so you will see).

The Sahabah died for Islam!

Don’t follow the people that read your palm

‘Cause it’s a whole load of rubbish

And the people who believe in it will be punished.

So take a break.

This poem ain’t a fake.

Allah loves you!

Sum people just think

That only the Ulama’s should act

On our religion: Islam

When in fact

It is the astray ones who should stop

And think:

Who should I ‘link’?

The pious or the fools?

What kinda rules

Should I follow?

Oh I feel hollow inside and

I need a helping hand.

But who’s there to help you?


But the one who’s way above the shining sun.

The one who loves and cares,

Who’s granted you that smiling son

Or that daughter who brings in joy and fun.

The one who waits for His servants to come to Him

With tears in their eyes

Crying out,

‘Oh Allah hear me ask and do not doubt

My love for You.

Oh the people are very few

Who come to realise that

If they just came and sat

For a minute or two or three

And ask, and see

Your mercy

Your compassion,

Rather than dealin’ with fashion

Going on da streets

Escaping da beats

From their parents who are too blind

To realise

That no one is wiser

Than the One up aboveWho can send a dove

To warn others of trouble,

Who can create a jerk and a bubble.

Oh Allah!

The Forgiver, The Shaper and the Creator!

Forgive Me.

I have finally turned to You!

Forgive me for the times

That I made up foolish rhymes

For the women passing by.

Oh Allah!


Why did I look at the shameless women

Instead of admiring

The jilbabs and the niqab?

And why did I go to the clubs

Which were no different than the pubs,

Selling alcohol and where gambling

Is no hobby but the ‘in’ thing!

Oh Allah!

Thank you for finally

Making me realise the bounty

Of you, the One above.

Oh Allah! YOU I love!

Oh Allah, it is YOU that I love.’

So brothers and sisters,

Dancers and Whistlers,

Wake up now!

Drop down on your knees and bow

And prostrate to Allah the Only

Or else in Hell you’ll feel lonely

Coz Shaytaan ain’t on your side.

He’s just trying to hide

Himself from the truth

Coz he’s seen Jannah

But he thinks it’s too late for him.

He’s wrong you see

Allah Ta’ala has mercy

On His servants so turn to Him!

Don’t be ashamed

Shaytaan’s not to be blamed

Coz it was pride that stopped him

Now he’s travelling in the dim-
Ness of the night

Thinking of plans

To take the believers withHim to Hell.

So don’t give up my brothers and sisters!

And listen you dancers and whistlers!

Don’t give up, keep on praying to Allah.

You’ll soon realise that The Compassionate is not far.

He’s near you, listening to your call

Ready to catch you when you’re about to fall,

Proud of you when you stand up tall

With Iman in your heart

And Salah beneath ya,

Zakah on your right,

Sawm on your left and

Hajj above ya,

All bonded together

With the Shahadah.

So turn now to Allah

Coz Allah loves ya!


Dua me yaad


Your Sister in Islam